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watching now:
*Fate stay night: 17/24
*Akuma no Riddle (5/?)
*Selector Infected Wixoss (6/?)

want to watch :
*Tokyo Ghoul
*Fate stay night remake


Hello, I'm Kate and
I'm addicted to tumblr
and anime.

First 150!


I’m really close to full hundred so why not :3

  • you have to follow me, I check!
  • no likes, only reblogs count. likers disqualified
  • 15-18 screenies, some lists of favs with descriptions and random fansigns!

Good luck!  image

Anonim asked: hey there! i just wanted to say thanks bc you more or less saved my blog. lately i wasn't quite feeling it, there weren't any great posts just okay ones and suddenly my fav blog makes a promo that had 70% awesome blogs and totally saved me from desperation - thank you!!!

ahh so sweet :3 no problem sweetie! <3 best wishes xoxo